Paul Conway

Associate Professor of Information,
University of Michigan

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers, Refereed

Conway, P. & Williams, D. (2011). "Enhanced Education for Better Imaging Practices: A Case Study at the University of Michigan." Proceedings of IS&T Archiving 2011, Imaging Science & Technology, Salt Lake City, UT, May 16-19, pp. 65-70.
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Conference Presentations, Refereed

Conway, P. (2010). "Information Quality in Digital Preservation Repositories: Constructing a New Approach to Metrics." Society of American Archivists Research Forum, Washington, DC, August 10.
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Conway, P. (1994). Partners in Research: Toward Enhanced Access to the Nation's Archive: A Report on the Users of the National Archives. Pittsburgh: Archives and Museum Informatics.

Book Chapters

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White Papers

Williams, D. & Conway, P. (2011). ISa GoldenThread: Use and Interpretation Manual. Rochester, NY: Image Science Associates. [Prepared for SI 675 Digitization for Preservation as part of NEH grant; distributed by ISa. ]
Okerson, A. & Conway, P. (2001). BYTES: Books You Teach Every Semester. Final Report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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Preservation of Digitized Reproductions. Official Policy Statement, Society of American Archivists. Approved by SAA Council June 9, 1997.
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Archives Assessment and Planning Workbook, edited by Paul McCarthy. Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 1989. [assistant editor and author of statistical appendices]

Review Articles

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Other Publications

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