Paul Conway

Associate Professor of Information,
University of Michigan

Invited Talks

"Building and Using Digital Collections: Confronting Causality and the Impact of Digital Remembering." ACA@UBC l International Seminar and Symposium, 9-10 February, School of Library, Archival & Information Studies, University of British Columbia.
"Building & Using Digitized Photographic Collections." International Symposium on Current Practices in Fine Art Reproduction, 17-19 June, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.
"Making Change: Challenges for the Cultural Heritage Sector in the Face of Ubiquitous Technology." The Tectonics of Digital Curation: A Symposium on the Shifting Preservation and Access Landscape, 25-26 May 2010, MIT, Cambridge, Mass.
"The Past is Prologue: Digitization and the Archive." Keynote Address, 35th Annual Preservation Conference, Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the National Archives and Records Administration, 26 March 2009, Washington, DC.
"Preservation in the Age of Google." Keynote Address, Persistence of Memory: Stewardship of Digital Assets, DATE, 9 November 2008, Chicago, IL.
"Preservation in the Age of Google." Keynote Address, Persistence of Memory: Stewardship of Digital Assets, 28 November 2007, Seattle, WA.
"Preservation in the Age of Google." Keynote Address, Persistence of Memory: Stewardship of Digital Assets, 5 December 2006, Tucson, AZ.
"Why Is IT So Hard to Do?" Plenary Address, Bits & Bytes: A Digital Library Symposium Celebrating 150 Years of the University of Maryland Libraries, September 2005, College Park, MD.
"Institutional Repositories: Is There Anything Left to Say?" OCLC Distinguished Seminar Series, 6 October 2004, Dublin, OH
"Key Challenges in Archives Preservation Education" Keynote address, Preservation Education: New Directions, New Partners, April 2004, Simmons College, Boston, MA.
"Beyond Digitization" Keynote address, Missouri Library Network Corporation, February 2004, Kansas City, MO
"World on a String: Digital Libraries for Everyone" Keynote address, Michigan Library Consortium, October 2003, Lansing, MI
"The Digital Landscape: What You Really Need to Know" Getty Research Institute, April 2003, Los Angeles, CA
"Collaboration and the Compelling Case for Preservation" Missouri Library Network Corporation, February 2001, St. Louis, MO
"Digital Preservation: Myth and Reality" NELINET Digital Reality II, June 2000, Boston, MA
"Digital Technologies in Libraries: Hot Trends and Nagging Doubts" Keynote Address: Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting, April 2000, Lansing, MI

Selected Presentations

"MediaWiki and CTools: Supporting Collaborative Writing." Enriching Scholarship, 3 May, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
"Interviewing Expert Users of Digitized Photographic Archives: Expertise, peers, and participants." Archival Education and Research Institute [AERI], 20-25 June, Ann Arbor, MI
"Archival Research in Practice: Lessons from the NHPRC Archival Fellows Program." NHPRC Research Fellowship Symposium, October 2006, Chapel Hill, NC
"Facts and Frameworks Revisited: On the Importance of Archival Use Metrics." June 2004, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
"Bringing IT All Together: The Digital Library @ Duke" OCLC Institute Symposium, January 2003, Philadelphia, PA
"Library Efforts and IT Infrastructure" Common Solutions Group, January 2003, Austin, TX
"Managing Preservation Technologies for the New Century" American Library Association Annual Meeting, July 2000, Chicago, IL
"Show Me the Money: Lessons in Grant Writing" Connecticut Library Association, November 1999, Stamford, CT
"Researching Archives: A Methodological Review" New England Archivists Spring Meeting, April 1999, Lowell, MA
"Digital Technology: Challenges and Opportunities" Connecticut Town Clerk’s Conference, October 1998, Southbury, CT
"Implications of Digitization for Preservation" NELINET Digital Reality: Managing Electronic Resources, June 1998, Marlborough, MA
"Digital Technology and the Future of Libraries" NEDCC's 25th Anniversary Conference: Preservation and the Humanities, May 1998, Boston, MA
"Preservation in the Digital World" Digitizing Photographic Collections: Where are We Now? What Does the Future Hold? June 1997, Rochester, NY
"Archival Pioneers: A Retrospective and Prospective Look" Symposium in Honor of Robert M. Warner, University of Michigan, October 1996, Ann Arbor, MI
"Digital Technology Made Simple: Yeah Right!" New England Library Association, October 1996, Manchester, NH
"Digital Image Conversion: Research Findings from Project Open Book" Yale University Library, June 1996, New Haven, CT
"The Virtual Library in Theory and Practice" Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials [SALALM XLI], June 1996, New York City
"Beyond the Hybrid Systems Approach: Lessons from Cornell and Yale" Digitizing Texts and Images: A Workshop for College Library Directors [CPA], April 1996, Charleston, SC
"Preservation in the Digital World" New England Library Association, October 1995, Providence, RI
"Basic Preservation and Conservation: Definitions and Sources of Information" Southbury Public Library, September 1995, Southbury, CT
"From Microfilm to Digital Imaging: Implications for Preservation and Access" Society of American Archivists, September 1995, Washington, DC
"Selecting Microfilm for Digital Preservation: A Case Study from Project Open Book" American Library Association, June 1995, Chicago, IL
"Digitization: What Can It Do for Archives?" New England Archivists, May 1995, Hartford, CT
"Implications of Digital Imaging Technology for Preservation" Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, April 1994, Amherst, MA
"Future Trends in Access to Archival and Library Resources" Yale Divinity School International Conference on Language, Culture and Translation, September 1993, New Haven, CT
"Imaging and Related Information Standards for Libraries, Archives, and Museums" Association for Information and Image Management. Annual Conference, April 1993, Chicago, IL
"Project Open Book: A Status Report" Library of Congress Roundtable on Preservation Research and Development, September 1992, Washington, DC
"The Role of Education in Preservation: National and Regional Views" North Carolina Statewide Preservation Planning Task Force, November 1990, Greenville, NC
"Archival Preservation: Current Needs and Future Prospects" Tennessee Archivists. November 1989, Nashville, TN
"The Heart of the Matter: International Cooperation on Preservation Education." Latin American Archives Preservation and Conservation Institute, September 1989, Austin, TX
"The Future of Preservation Education in the United States." Society of Georgia Archivists, Atlanta, GA
"Education for Archival Preservation Management," Conference on Statewide Preservation Planning, March 1989, Washington, DC
"A Model Archival Preservation Program," Commission on Preservation and Access, October 1988, Washington, DC
"Approaches to Evaluation: The Basic Archival Conservation Program." Toronto Area Archivists Group. March 1988, Toronto, ON
"Models of User Services in Archives," SAA annual meeting, August 1987, New York, NY
"Findings from the SAA Census of Archival Institutions," SAA annual meeting, September 1986, Chicago, IL
"Archivists as Exhibition Researchers," Michigan Archival Association spring meeting, May 1982, Grand Rapids, MI